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internet traffic evolution

The variability of Internet Traffic

Internet traffic has a wide range of variability at all times. However, the fourth quarter of the year typically remains the busiest for a...

weekly snapshot

Weekly Snapshot of Tier 1 carrier performance

At Noction, collecting and analyzing petabytes of data across all IRP instances worldwide offers us valuable data regarding overall Internet performance as well as...

Network latency and its effect on application performance

We've talked about network latency several times in previous blog posts. Today, let's drill a bit deeper on that topic, and especially how it...

video streaming performance

Optimizing network performance for video streaming

Video is an interesting network application. Many users consume hours of video per day, and an hour of HD video is easily more than...

packet loss

Fixing packet loss: spending money to make money

As explained in our last blog post, packet loss and latency can seriously impact application performance. There's not much we can do about latency,...

packet loss

Network latency and packet loss effects on performance

The triumvirate of network performance metrics are latency, loss and jitter. Today, we're going to take a look at how each of them —...

Border Gateway Protocol Inforgrafic

Why BGP is not enough?

It’s common knowledge that Border Gateway Protocol has no ability to make performance-based routing decisions and often routes traffic through paths that are congested...

loss rates

Monitoring Intelligent Routing Platform performance with Overview Reports

Our customers ask repeatedly about the benefits IRP brings to their infrastructure. To address some of these questions we've compiled a few Overview Reports...

BGP-based inter-domain traffic engineering

BGP-based inter-domain traffic engineering: important considerations

Inter-domain traffic engineering aims to optimize traffic performance, originating and terminating in different administrative domains. At the moment, Autonomous Systems exchange traffic via exterior...

reduce network congestion

Five tips for reducing congestion in enterprise networks

It’s a commonly known fact that congestion on the road significantly increases the time the auto vehicles must spend to get to the destination....

cost of downtime

The cost of network downtime for Service Providers

An operational network is a strategic business resource. It carries everyday messages and mission-critical data, and facilitates communication between people and business processes. It...

Understanding the impact of network latency

Understanding the impact of network latency on Service Providers’ business

Speed is highly prioritized in networking. Applications with high bandwidth consumption and mission-critical systems demand ever more throughput and capacity. While the main demand...


Network congestion technical implications

During the transfer of information in the Internet, there are various situations related to certain host or network inaccessibility, or channels of communication overload....