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Noction Intelligent Routing Platform

From all-around BGP routing optimization, to automated bandwidth control, DDoS mitigation, and more, learn how the platform can take your network to the next level!

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Noction Flow Analyzer

Powerful, feature-rich and affordable traffic analysis system offering network engineers a complete view of their networks traffic at all times.

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Trusted by hundreds of networks Worldwide

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An ultimate product for a fast, efficient, and secure network.

Optimize and tune BGP traffic routing

Have IRP continuously compute performance and cost-based route optimization for your network.


Keep Bandwidth Costs under control

Balance traffic and keep bandwidth levels below the preset thresholds for all your providers.

Detect and mitigate DDoS attacks

Automatically detect and get notified of DDoS attacks. Mitigate them with Flowspec or RTBH.

network Congestion and Outages
Bypass network Congestion and Outages

Automatically detect network congestion and/or outages and reroute traffic via the best path.


Automate BGP network management

Reduce engineering time and the risk of human errors by automating the BGP management process.

noction bgp optimization

An ultimate product for a fast, efficient, and secure network.

BGP Routing Optimization
Automated Bandwidth Usage Control
Congestion and Outages Dodging
Packet Loss and Latency minimization
Automated BGP Network Management
DDoS Detection and Mitigation
Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Understand network traffic patterns, detect and react to security issues, analyze BGP data to find suitable peering candidates, and a lot more.

Advanced filtering and grouping options

Have complete visibility of your network’s traffic. Use advanced data filtering and grouping options for a descending drill-down analysis of IP flow, SNMP, and BGP data from an unlimited number of devices, interfaces, and sites.

Refined Alerting Capabilities

The advanced alerting capabilities make it easy to proactively diagnose issues and quickly find and resolve problems. Get notified anytime, anywhere via diverse communication channels and flexible notification options.

Detailed BGP routing data visibility

Slice and dice BGP data and scrutinize it with a multitude of filters. Review BGP paths your traffic is taking, the countries, regions, or cities your traffic originates and terminates in, traffic volume distribution by different paths, etc.

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Looking for a pure Network Traffic Analysis & Monitoring tool?

Explore our robust, feature-rich, yet easy-to-use and affordable network traffic analysis system.

BGP tuning bandwidth control

Need an all-in-one BGP tuning, bandwidth control, & DDoS mitigation solution?

Take a look at our automated routing optimization, load balancing/bandwidth control, and DDoS detection and mitigation platform.

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Get FREE access to the TIER 1 carriers performance dashboard

Includes all major Tier 1 providers such as Telia, XO, NTT, Hurricane Electric, and others. Know instantly if a carrier you rely on is down or experiencing major performance issues.

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Steve Eschweiler Hivelocity

Steve Eschweiler

General Manager at Hivelocity

IRP has been a great asset to our business. It is paying for itself by saving us money on overages and providing optimal performance for our customers in outbound routing. It is like a little robot that works for us 24/7.

Bandwidth Paul Chunn

Paul Chunn

Vice President at

Noction gave us the three requirements that we seek with all solutions: optimization, scalability, and extended SLA. IRP provides better ISP management by automatically choosing the best path for all BGP routes in real-time.

tim smith

Tim Smith

FOCUS Broadband Data Services Foreman

IRP is saving us man-hours and provides peace of mind, knowing that our internet links are not getting saturated, with inbound and outbound traffic being distributed across all our links as improvements are being made.

Ready to take your Network Performance to the next level?

Let’s talk about how Noction can be of help

Ready to take your Network Traffic Analysis to the next level?

Let’s talk about how Noction can be of help