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BGP Routing

768K Blog

The 768k or Another Internet Doomsday? Here’s how to deal with the TCAM overflow at the 768k boundary.

On August 8th, 2014 some ISPs experienced a phenomenon called the “512k Day”. The global BGP routing table, which consists of the global Internet...

Border Gateway Protocol Inforgrafic

Why BGP is not enough?

It’s common knowledge that Border Gateway Protocol has no ability to make performance-based routing decisions and often routes traffic through paths that are congested...

Deploying BGP for redundant IP connectivity

Deploying BGP for redundant IP connectivity

All organizations that depend on Internet for sales revenue or business continuity require internet redundancy. Downtime lowers productivity, yields losses and painfully affects the...

BGP best path

How does BGP select the best routing path

BGP is a protocol which performs routing information exchange among routers to determine the optimal paths for the traffic flow. A BGP router forms...


Is BGP multi-homing enough for WAN network performance?

BGP multihoming has become as necessary to the networks connected to Internet, as the use of redundant power sources or multiple data centers. No...