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IPv4 RIPE out

The IPv4 party is over

On the 25th of November 2019, RIPE NCC made the final /22 IPv4 allocation from the last remaining addresses in the available pool and...

768K Blog

The 768k or Another Internet Doomsday? Here’s how to deal with the TCAM overflow at the 768k boundary.

On August 8th, 2014 some ISPs experienced a phenomenon called the “512k Day”. The global BGP routing table, which consists of the global Internet...

Segment Routing

Segment Routing and the SRv6 Network Programming

IPv6 Addressing The Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) adoption is growing at pace. According to Google statistics, 22% of the users reach Google over IPv6...


IPv10 – a Joke or a Serious RFC Draft?

Recently, a new Internet draft - Internet Protocol Version 10 (IPv10) attracted attention of network enthusiasts. People on the Internet forums often ask if...

next hop

A fresh look at BGP’s NEXT_HOP

Once a BGP session is established, routers will exchange two types of messages: KEEPALIVE and UPDATE. Keepalive messages are sent to let a neighboring...

ipv4 ipv6

IPv4 BGP vs IPv6 BGP

BGP is older than IPv6. Even BGP-4, the version we still use today, predates IPv6: the first BGP-4 RFC (RFC 1654) was published in...

bgp ospf

BGP and OSPF. How do they interact.

In some ways, BGP is nice and simple. For instance, there's only one BGP: BGP version 4. Many network professionals have been asking the...