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BGP FlowSpec

Source ID

Source ID and Observation Domain ID fields meaning & configuration details

This article highlights the importance of the Source ID and Observation Domain ID fields when several metering processes are running on the exporter observation...

Interface Names Configuration

Interface Names and Descriptions Best Practices and Configuration

The name of a network interface is a string that is generated based on the interface attributes. This is a predictable naming scheme used...

bgp flowspec version 2

BGP Flow Specification Version 2

BGP Flowspec technology provides a more granular approach to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks mitigation when compared to old-school methods, such as Remotely Triggered...

ddos mitigation

DDoS Mitigation and BGP Flowspec

In traditional methods for DDoS mitigation, such as RTBH (remotely triggered blackhole), a BGP route is injected, advertising the IP address of the server...

bgp flowspec

Noction bets on BGP FlowSpec

While networks are agnostic to the content of the serviced packets, end users have a very good understanding of what traffic they have and...