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ZTelco is a San Diego-based business communications solutions provider, offering custom voice, data and networking technology services. The company helps businesses build and maintain the right communications infrastructure to optimize performance.

Business Challenges:

  • Overall Network Performance Boost
  • Network Latency and Packet Loss reduction
  • Detailed network and platform performance analytics
  • Minimization of Engineering Time spent on BGP manipulation processes


  • Since going live, Noction IRP has been discovering routing anomalies for ZTelco on a continuous basis and improving upon them.
  • The company’s average Packet Loss dropped from 36% to 10%, reducing the average loss rate by 84.44%. The average Network Latency dropped by 22%.
  • Noction IRP offered ZTelco plenty of network and system performance analytics via the Platform’s Frontend.
  • IRP freed the engineering resources within the company and refocused ZTelco’s engineering efforts.