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Rutube implements IRP to automate routing optimization

Rutube, a video streaming platform based in Moscow, Russia, deployed Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform to automate network optimization and gain more visibility into issues occurring over internet network routes.

Offering the easiest way to upload and share videos, Rutube allows its users to distribute video content among social media networks and several digital channels like mobile phones, gaming consoles and tablet apps. With more than 30 million visitors monthly, Rutube is one of the largest video streaming platforms worldwide and the most popular media portal in Russia.

Media streaming platforms are fundamentally different from many other web services. This is because end users of such services are more sensitive to relatively small network issues, which directly affect service delivery and quality.

Maintaining such a service requires efficient troubleshooting within the network and at its edge. While issues occurring inside a network infrastructure are easier to detect and straightforward to address, those happening after traffic leaves the originating network are quite hard to identify and require extended engineering time, especially for media streaming industries.

To overcome this challenge, video streaming providers are performing regular network assessments, to identify the best paths for delivering content to their end-users. This way, they avoid issues such as high packet loss and latency rates, which can lead to a negative user experience.

With IRP’s implementation, Rutube automates the routing optimization process at the network edge and offers extended visibility on how the traffic flows during service delivery. Since Noction’s platform identifies the best performing paths automatically, repetitive manual assessments of traffic flows are not required; therefore, less engineering efforts are involved in network troubleshooting.

“The Intelligent Routing Platform gives us additional insights in regards to what happens outside our network. Since we have a better understanding of anomaly triggers beyond our infrastructure, we can take operation decisions faster than before.” – stated Alexey Pyankov, the Rutube‘s Head of Network Architecture. “While IRP automates the optimization process at the network’s edge, we can focus on developing new solutions for our continuously growing audience, delivering a unique media experience.”


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