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Rutube is a web video streaming service, owned by Gazprom-Media one of the largest media holdings in Russia. Located in Moscow, Rutube offers video distribution and hosting services for private individuals and licensed media entertainment companies.

“While IRP automates the optimization process at the network’s edge, we can focus on developing new solutions for our continuously growing audience, delivering a unique media experience.”

Alexey Pyankov, Head of Network Architecture at Rutube

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Rutube implements Noction’s IRP to automate routing optimization

Rutube, a video streaming platform based in Moscow, Russia, deployed Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform to automate network optimization and gain more visibility into issues occurring over internet network routes. The company is one of the largest video streaming platforms worldwide and the most popular media portal in Russia.  Read More

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Rutube automates the routing optimization process at the network edge

With IRP’s implementation, Rutube automates the routing optimization process at the network edge and offers extended visibility on how the traffic flows during service delivery. Since Noction’s platform identifies the best performing paths automatically, repetitive manual assessments of traffic flows are not required; therefore, less engineering efforts are involved in network troubleshooting.   Read More