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2020: Year in Review

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    2020 in reviewAs 2021 approaches, we thought it’s a good time to look back at all the important milestones we’ve achieved in 2020. Moreover, we wanted to thank all of you, our friends, clients, and partners, for your attention and continuous support for all the things we do here at Noction.

    It has been a challenging year for the whole networking industry, yet we still had plenty of good news to share. Here are some of the highlights for 2020:

    Noction Flow Analyzer Official Launch

    NFA – a flow-based network monitoring, reporting, and alerting software has been officially released in 2020, following the year-long Open Beta phase. The product has matured and evolved into a state of the art network analytics system, that has since been adopted by numerous companies worldwide. We’re honored to continue building and enhancing the system that makes network traffic analysis an enjoyable experience on a regular basis.

    Release of the Noction IRP v 3.10.7 with support for the Global Management Interface

    GMI is a single pane of glass interface that allows administrators to manage multiple Noction Intelligent Routing Platforms and get access to various data and statistics for those instances from one, easy to access application. IRP users got one easy place to:

    • Monitor multiple IRP instances and their performance
    • Get comprehensive network performance analytics.
    • Facilitate network troubleshooting
    • Automatically manage bandwidth levels for provider groups from various points of presence using the Global Commit feature.

    Plenty of new and insightful content

    We’ve published numerous blog posts, reports, and ebooks in 2020, focusing on some of the most important networking industry trends, including BGP, network traffic analysis, network security, and others. The most popular ones being:

    Plans for the future

    Moving into 2021, we anticipate a year filled with innovation and growth. There is a number of new customers and growth vectors yet to be announced in addition to the new product version releases and the development of the unique features underway. We look forward to sharing all the details as the year progresses.

    Happy Holidays, friends! Thank you for being a part of it all! Here’s to 2021!

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