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traffic engineering

AS path filtering

AS path prepending, AS path lengths and the AS path filtering

Previously, we’ve already looked at traffic engineering in general and AS path prepending in particular. Traffic engineering is distributing the traffic load over available...


BGP and Traffic Engineering Mechanisms for WISPs

In this blog post, we will take a look at Kevin Myers's presentation where he discusses deployment of  both OSPF and BGP routing protocols...

BGP path

BGP path hunting

Before we look at BGP path hunting, let's first discuss the RIP count to infinity problem. RIP, the Routing Information Protocol, is pretty much...

internet exchange

Routing optimization for Internet Exchange traffic

There are various techniques for optimizing traffic routing across multiple transit providers available in a network. However, there are some additional challenges when there...

BGP-based inter-domain traffic engineering

BGP-based inter-domain traffic engineering: important considerations

Inter-domain traffic engineering aims to optimize traffic performance, originating and terminating in different administrative domains. At the moment, Autonomous Systems exchange traffic via exterior...