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TCP Congestion

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Congestion Control

Network congestion may occur when a sender overflows the network with too many packets. At the time of congestion, the network cannot handle this...

packet loss

Fixing packet loss: spending money to make money

As explained in our last blog post, packet loss and latency can seriously impact application performance. There's not much we can do about latency,...

routing anomalies

Routing anomalies – their origins and how do they affect end users

Nowadays, the Internet is made-up of more than 45,000 active Autonomous Systems (ASes), each with a different complexity level and specific configurations. To accomplish...

cost of downtime

The cost of network downtime for Service Providers

An operational network is a strategic business resource. It carries everyday messages and mission-critical data, and facilitates communication between people and business processes. It...

Understanding the impact of network latency

Understanding the impact of network latency on Service Providers’ business

Speed is highly prioritized in networking. Applications with high bandwidth consumption and mission-critical systems demand ever more throughput and capacity. While the main demand...

economical implications

Economical implications of WAN BGP optimization automation

  Most multi-homed networks need to engineer and control the traffic flow for both performance and economical reasons. This is commonly done by manually tweaking...


Is BGP multi-homing enough for WAN network performance?

BGP multihoming has become as necessary to the networks connected to Internet, as the use of redundant power sources or multiple data centers. No...


Network congestion technical implications

During the transfer of information in the Internet, there are various situations related to certain host or network inaccessibility, or channels of communication overload....