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BGP – the right tool for so many jobs

Like other very successful protocols such as HTTP and DNS, over the years BGP has been given more and more additional jobs to do....

Netflow BGP

NetFlow and BGP

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a core routing protocol used by most of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). BGP’s role is to exchange routing...

BGP Looking Glass Servers

What BGP Looking Glass servers are and how network administrators use them.

Whether you are an experienced network administrator or you have just started to learn Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Looking Glass (LG) is definitely a...

BGP path

BGP path hunting

Before we look at BGP path hunting, let's first discuss the RIP count to infinity problem. RIP, the Routing Information Protocol, is pretty much...

debug bgp state

Debugging BGP states

Border Gateway Protocol is unique among routing protocols because it requires a number of parameters to be configured manually on each side before two...

BGP security: the BGPsec protocol

In our last post, we took a look at RPKI. With RPKI, it's possible to reject prefixes that are originated by the wrong AS,...

Border Gateway Protocol Inforgrafic

Why BGP is not enough?

It’s common knowledge that Border Gateway Protocol has no ability to make performance-based routing decisions and often routes traffic through paths that are congested...

Deploying BGP for redundant IP connectivity

Deploying BGP for redundant IP connectivity

All organizations that depend on Internet for sales revenue or business continuity require internet redundancy. Downtime lowers productivity, yields losses and painfully affects the...