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Noction announces the release of a “Lite” version of the Intelligent Routing Platform

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    Noction IRP LiteWe are pleased to announce the release of  Noction IRP Lite – a limited version of the IRP platform available at no cost. The new product is well suited for budget conscious Service Providers and Enterprises that are willing to start taking advantage of automated internet route optimization for outbound traffic. It remains feature packed and includes automated route optimization based on network performance indicators such as latency and packet loss. Beside the core automation functionality, the Lite version also provides additional features such as Routing Policies, network troubleshooting tools, system notifications, basic reporting and analytics, as well as support for multiple physical locations.

    “We have long wanted to find the right mix of features to offer at a zero price point and enter the market at the right time. We don’t pretend that IRP Lite is anywhere close to our full IRP software, but it will give considerable performance benefits as compared to regular BGP routing.  These days route optimization technology is a must-have component for any multi-homed network, therefore we strongly believe that basic route intelligence should be affordable for any Service Provider or Enterprise. Moreover, although not the main aim, we believe that by witnessing the performance boost IRP Lite can deliver, companies will be more inclined to take advantage of the the full route optimization capabilities available in Noction IRP.” stated John Strong, CEO of Noction. “The data collected by the Lite instances will also allow us evaluate the performance of routes across the internet – insights that will enable our platform to make even more intelligent routing decisions, as well as providing a community insight into just how the internet is performing and which providers are performing the best. Our aim from this is to build a real time internet health report that is available to all, whether they use IRP, IRP Lite or just want to check out performance via our website. This is our ultimate aim of this release”.

    Noction has a feature and product comparison guide that can be found at https://www.noction.com/irp-lite.