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Noction releases IRP version 1.7, featuring the new configuration UI

Noction is pleased to announce its release of Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) version 1.7. In the new release Noction IRP enables administrators to configure the platform via a web-based user interface. All the values for the configuration parameters are now set using convenient interface controls designed to considerably facilitate data input. The interface allows configuring global parameters as well as parameters related to each of the system components. It also provides an intuitive and convenient way of managing BGP peers.

Beside the new configuration interface other IRP components were upgraded as well. The Commit Control feature is now able to actively load balance the traffic among several providers by allowing to group them for uniform traffic distribution. The Commit Control algorithm has been improved, allowing administrators to set a flat rate limit for a specific provider.

The Explorer, an IRP component that probes the available routes, had its outage detection algorithm improved. The algorithm that analyses the registries of aggregates for every network hop has been significantly improved as well. Due to this enhancement the Explorer and the Collector, a component that analyzes all the traffic passing the network, considerably gained in performance.

Along with these enhancements, the IRP documentation has been completely reviewed and adjusted with the intention of shortening the learning curve and facilitating the deployment process.

“On overall, the performance and functionality of Noction IRP has been enhanced,” said Noction CEO, Grigore Raileanu. “The process of configuring the platform is now easier to operate and is intended to reduce the efforts of administrators in setting up the system for maximum network performance.”

You can have a first look at the new configuration interface by checking the images below.


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