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Noction Releases Intelligent Routing Platform 2.4

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    Noction is pleased to announce the release of Intelligent Routing Platform version 2.4, featuring several configuration and security additions.

    For IRP to work, iBGP sessions are established between the edge routers and the platform. These sessions are managed by the platform’s BGPd, a system component that enables IRP to act as a route-reflector. Prior to version 2.4 any configurations applied to BGPd were requiring a BGP session reset for the platform to start using the new settings. Because of this, even minor adjustments to the BGPd could lead to potential load on the edge routers due to BGP sessions being reset. To avoid this, starting with version 2.4 of Noction IRP, changes to the BGPd mean that a restart is no longer required. This enhancement benefits multiple system functions. For example, the platform is now able to discover and configure IX peering partners on the fly, avoiding any BGP session resets.

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    Another addition to the platform’s configuration is the ability to disable or enable the Indirect Probing Algorithm, which is used by the system Explorer when regular prefix probing fails. The Indirect Probing algorithm evaluates the closest router to the probed prefix in the case that the destination can’t be reached directly. As under some circumstances Indirect Probing is not desirable, the ability of disabling this algorithm has been added.Aside the platforms new capabilities developed in IRP 2.4, there were several bugfixes applied as well, enhancing performance of the existing features.