Home News ManagedWay deploys Noction IRP to optimize traffic delivery

ManagedWay deploys Noction IRP to optimize traffic delivery

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    ManagedWayManagedWay, a Michigan-based cloud services and colocation provider, deployed Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform in Q1 2015 in its premiere Detroit data center, which is interconnected with multiple Tier 1 transit providers including Level3, NTT, Cogent and XO. Within the first month of deploying IRP, ManagedWay achieved an average of 25% reduction in network latency and 89% improvement in packet loss.

    “The product has drastically improved the way we manage our network and carriers, allowing us to offer a better quality of service to our customers,” said Robert Sanders, President and CEO of ManagedWay.

    Noction notes that the enhancements to IRP’s load balancing capability, available in version 3.1, were initially proposed by ManagedWay before being integrated with the product as a built-in feature.

    “We count many of the world’s most sophisticated technology companies as our clients,” said John Strong, CEO at Noction.  “We were thrilled to work with ManagedWay and to find innovative ways to further refine our load balancing capability. ManagedWay had a very specific requirement, which we were quickly able to develop a solution for and deploy it successfully. As a result of that collaboration, we’ve now included the ManagedWay enhancement in our most recent product release.”

    “Noction added the ability to balance our traffic on a per IP basis based on our specific network needs,” said Sanders.  “This has allowed us to better manage our traffic flows to large destination networks. Now we can specify traffic volumes on a per transit carrier basis and Noction divides that traffic for each destination IP across all of our routers in all of our locations. This allows us to load balance to single destination networks across multiple transit carriers and helps us prevent peering congestion at our peak network time.”