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GloboTech enhances its network with Noction IRP

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    GloboTech Communications – a leading Canadian provider of hosting solutions has announced today its deployment of Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP). The main reason behind GloboTech’s choice was IRP’s ability to deliver 100% network uptime to its customers.

    Founded in 1999, GloboTech Communications has a substantial presence in Eastern North America. With a network capacity of over 100 Gbps and redundant routers at every level of the network, GloboTech can ensure network’s robustness, reliability and maximum uptime. GloboTech’s network is connected to Level 3, TATA Communications, Inteliquent, nLayer and others. Therefore, company’s multi-homed network environment poses special challenges in delivering steady traffic. Noction IRP will help GloboTech to automatize performance-optimized routing decisions, maximize network uptime and increase stability.

    Noction IRP has the ability to enhance the BGP decision-making process with dynamically learned performance and cost characteristics of given internet routes. IRP is designed to continuously fine-tune thousands of routes, using network policies defined by business objectives. As a result, network latency is reduced by up to 30% and the overall performance is increased by 30 to 50%.

    “When it comes to network’s connectivity, speed and low latency is what we focus on. Through intelligent route selection Noction IRP will enable us to offer even more uptime and network stability to our clients.” said Pierre-Luc Quimper, CEO and Founder of GloboTech Communications.