Automate BGP Network Management

Automate BGP Network Management

Refocus engineering effort

Network engineers today face the BGP management challenge by specifying network policies to match business objectives on a set of routers from within an autonomous system. Manual configuration using vendor-specific commands are required to align network performance with business objectives. Manually keeping specific routing policies up-to-date with dynamically changing needs is not only a daunting task, but scales poorly, especially with the growing and increasing complex business needs of an enterprise.

Avoid human errors

Misconfigurations caused by human error, are often the reason of routing instabilities that occur due to the intricacy of routing protocols. Studies show that almost 6% of BGP updates are inconsistent and unable to show topological changes in network. 70% of the miss-advertised prefixes occur due to BGP misconfigurations causing routing anomalies such as: invalid routes, persistent oscillations, routing loops, and SLA Penalties.

Automate manual mechanisms

Noction offers a far superior BGP management alternative with the introduction of the Intelligent Routing Platform to your network environment. The platform participates in the routing protocol decision process and tunes network policy using standard protocol interaction. The network engineer simply specifies network policy using the web-based interface on the Noction IRP. IRP then communicates with the routers to tune paths to specific prefixes. Using IRP to dynamically tune routing paths via the standard BGP routing protocol provides a scalable mechanism to implement business objectives.