Intelligent Routing Platform

Intelligent Routing Platform

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform is designed to improve the performance and reduce operational costs of a multi-homed BGP network. By adding intelligence to internet routing decisions, Noction IRP leverages a company’s existing internet connectivity to deliver substantial network performance improvements.

Traffic Routing Optimization

bgp routing

Noction IRP actively probes remote prefixes for metrics such as packet loss, latency, throughput, historical reliability and maximum peer capacity. Based on these actively gathered metrics, the platform computes a performance and/or a cost-based route optimization. The platform then announces the improved route to the network`s edge routers via a typical BGP session.

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Automate BGP Network Management

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Engineers cannot run thousands of probes per hour in order to determine better traffic paths and analyze historical performance to make routing decisions. By automating the BGP management process Noction IRP reduces the need for engineering effort and eliminates the risk of human error.

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Bypass Congestion and Outages

congestion and outages

Noction IRP operates at the network edge and does non-intrusive traffic analysis in order to detect network congestion and outages. The affected network routes are probed for a set of specific metrics through all the available providers. Based on these measurements IRP automatically reroutes traffic through the best performing path.

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Minimize Latency and Packet Loss

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BGP routes traffic through the shortest AS-path without taking into consideration critical network performance indicators such as latency and packet loss. IRP is able to measure these metrics and select a better performing transit provider for the traffic to flow through. As a result IRP reduces latency by an average of 24% and packet loss by an average of 89% for the problematic routes detected.

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BGP Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

network performance

IRP is a complete network monitoring and troubleshooting solution that makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues. It delivers real-time BGP monitoring that allows visually tracking network performance, generating triggers and sending various alerts and notifications when specific problems occur. The platform is a perfect tool for network planning, delivering Quality of Services, and ensuring the network is performing on its premises.

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Leverage Network Bandwidth Cost


IRP adds the ability to generate massive cost savings by intelligently balancing traffic among the connected ISPs. Noction IRP incorporates precedence structures into its policy models, in order to adjust and keep predefined bandwidth commit rate levels for each provider link. This leads to lower 95th percentile billing rates and increased headroom in the overall network.

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