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Noction IRP web hooks support for Slack API

Slack is a great communication platform that simplifies and streamlines day-to-day operations of various teams around the world.

Integrating the tools that engineers adopt in their networks with Slack means the administrators only have to go to one place to obtain all the critical information on their network performance.

Noction IRP is using Incoming Webhooks mechanism to send notifications to a specific Slack Channel. The webhooks use HTTP requests with a JSON payload that includes the actual alert/notification text. The Web Hook can be configured under Configuration > Notifications and Events section of the IRP Frontend in the Web Hooks configuration section.

Web Hook Configuration

In order to set up the notification of specific events, go under Your Account > Notifications. Choose the type of events you would like to configure e.g. Commit Control overload by X % and select the time interval between the notifications. Type a Slack destination channel in the Destinations field, #general for instance, checkmark the desired event notifications and hit Save.

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Noction IRP can be setup to send various real time alerts to a Slack channel with most of them being very important for the proactive network management.

Here are just a few examples of alerts which can be set up:

  • Transition from normal to abnormal traffic behavior
  • Commit Control limits exceedings
  • Congestion or outage problems
  • Excessive packet latency or packet loss and others.

These are the examples of how the notifications appear in Slack:

slack inbound traffic

Slack VIP prefixes

Slack Webhook test

To read more about the Web Hooks configuration, check out the Configure Notifications and Events section of the IRP documentation. To see a full list of notifications and events, consult the 1.2.14 Notifications and Events section of the document.

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bgp demo


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