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Insider Thread

Insider Threat Detection with NetFlow

When it comes to major security concerns, one of the most serious ones are the data breaches and security exploits caused by insider incidents....

flow sampling

The accuracy and overhead of flow sampling. To use or not to use flow sampling?

Flow-based (NetFlow, IPFIX, NetStream) and packet-based (sFlow) network monitoring technologies enable network administrators to gain insight into traffic traversing a network. They provide various...

NetFlow sFlow IPFIX

NetFlow vs. sFlow vs. IPFIX vs. NetStream. Network Traffic Analysis and Network Traffic Monitoring.

Network monitoring is a systematic effort to monitor parameters of a computer network in order to detect issues that degrade network performance. Network Traffic...

reduce network congestion

Five tips for reducing congestion in enterprise networks

It’s a commonly known fact that congestion on the road significantly increases the time the auto vehicles must spend to get to the destination....