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Using PeeringDB to set up your internet exchange peering – Part 1

When networks exchange traffic without having a customer-provider relationship, this is called peering. We've talked about peering in previous Noction blog posts, such as...

Where do networks interconnect?

As end-users, we expect to connect to an Internet Service Provider which will take our packets and deliver them to all destinations around the...

Peering policy

What should your peering policy look like?

As discussed in earlier posts, as networks grow larger it starts making sense to exchange traffic with other networks directly (peering) rather than pay...

Peering Request Etiquette

At home, we pay an ISP to transport our packets to and from the rest of the world. Most organizations do the same. But...

internet exchange

Configuring Internet Exchanges in Noction IRP 2.1

Conventional wisdom leads us to believe that interconnects between peering partners in an Exchange that is shorter will also be better than traditional links...

internet exchange

Routing optimization for Internet Exchange traffic

There are various techniques for optimizing traffic routing across multiple transit providers available in a network. However, there are some additional challenges when there...