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BGP Culling

BGP Session Culling

This article discusses BGP session culling techniques that mitigate a negative impact of maintenance of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) on IP networks. IXP represents...


Using PeeringDB to set up your internet exchange peering – Part 1

When networks exchange traffic without having a customer-provider relationship, this is called peering. We've talked about peering in previous Noction blog posts, such as...

BGP and parallel links

BGP and equal-cost multipath (ECMP)

One given in the network world is that bandwidth will increase. So that Gigabit Ethernet link that provided bandwidth to spare a year ago...

Resetting BGP

Resetting BGP sessions

It's been a while since we talked about filtering BGP updates. BGP routers need to be configured with the right filters so packets don't...

bgp timers

BGP’s hold and keepalive timers, detecting dead neighbors and BFD

When the BGP session between two routers is established, the two routers exchange prefixes and then start sending traffic for those prefixes to the...

debug bgp state

Debugging BGP states

Border Gateway Protocol is unique among routing protocols because it requires a number of parameters to be configured manually on each side before two...

next hop

A fresh look at BGP’s NEXT_HOP

Once a BGP session is established, routers will exchange two types of messages: KEEPALIVE and UPDATE. Keepalive messages are sent to let a neighboring...

BGP Communities

Understanding BGP Communities

After reading the title of this article you may be thinking of small neighborhoods in the world's most-connected cities where BGP-minded people live together,...