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BGP attributes

MED Multi Exit Discriminator

The BGP Multi Exit Discriminator (MED) attribute and tie-breaking

When BGP needs to choose which route to reach a certain destination is best, it first looks at the local preference and AS path...

as path

Understanding the AS path and AS path prepending

In earlier articles, we discussed the next hop and local preference attributes. Today we'll be looking at the AS_PATH attribute as well as the...

bgp local pref

What you should know about BGP’s LOCAL_PREF

In the previous blog post, we looked at the BGP NEXT_HOP attribute. Today we'll cover another attribute: the LOCAL_PREF or local preference. What is LOCAL_PREF? The...

next hop

A fresh look at BGP’s NEXT_HOP

Once a BGP session is established, routers will exchange two types of messages: KEEPALIVE and UPDATE. Keepalive messages are sent to let a neighboring...