Home News Weebly deploys Noction IRP to enhance application response time

Weebly deploys Noction IRP to enhance application response time

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    Weebly, a San Francisco based web-application provider, deployed Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) to improve its network performance and service delivery. Weebly offers a robust and simple website creation service, which empowers their users to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills required. In addition, Weebly provides cloud based redundant hosting via multiple data center locations across the United States. Interactive web-application providers require superior uptime, response time, and reliability to ensure smooth user interaction within service delivery. To achieve that performance, enterprises share their resources among multiple datacenters and set-up several internet connections. Under these circumstances, web-application providers must spend significant engineering resources to optimize their network, avoiding downtime and delayed response during user interaction. With the Noction IRP deployment, Weebly is less vulnerable to congestion or other network-level issues usually met in environments with multiple internet providers. The performance monitoring and reporting options provided by IRP, deliver a bird’s-eye view in matters of network troubleshooting, which improves Weebly’s reaction times in addressing critical issues within their environment before customers perceive them. Furthermore, since IRP is a fully automated solution, Weebly can reallocate engineering efforts to service delivery, rather than spending them on network optimization. “The performance, implementation, ease of use, and reporting are the best we’ve seen. We look forward to deploying Noction IRP across all of our data centers.” – Stated Chris Fanini, Weebly’s Chief Technology Officer. “The product is fantastic, and the Noction team has been super responsive and knowledgeable. They’ve even worked with us on implementing specific features for our environment.”