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Noction released IRP version 1.4 featuring complete IPv6 support

Noction, a technology company specialized in Network Intelligence, today announced release 1.4 of its Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP), featuring complete IPv6 support and advanced Outage Detection features. Noction IRP is designed to improve network performance, reduce network operational costs, and provide advanced business analytics. The platform operates at the network edge and does non-intrusive traffic analysis. The network routes are probed for a set of specific performance and cost metrics through all the available providers. IRP then applies the policies, defined by the enterprise, as per business objectives and service demands. IRP enhances network performance by an average of 10-40% and reduces latency by approximately 40%.

As network providers are increasingly moving to fully support IPv6 in their network deployments, driven by the complete IPv4 unallocated address space depletion in 2011, we worked hard to complete Ipv6 support by 6th June. Offering different options for providers, Noction’s IPv6-enabled IRP implements both IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack. This give the flexibility to either run IPv6 only, or IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously on the IRP. In each case, Noction helps facilitate a gradual rollout of IPv6 service within the network.

Grigore Raileanu, Noction President, said: “Providers are requiring support for IPv6 in RFPs today, as they secure their entire networks to be IPv6 compliant in 2012. And we released it just in time for the World IPv6 Day.”

Among other features, Notion IRP 1.4 includes:

  • Complete IPv6 support in all platform components
  • New Outage Detection algorithms;
  • BGPd improvements;

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