Home News Noction announces the release of IRP Lite 3.0 (Free IRP version)

Noction announces the release of IRP Lite 3.0 (Free IRP version)

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    IRP Lite 3.0

    IRP Lite 3.0 – the latest version of the Free Intelligent Routing Platform contains many features first introduced in the regular IRP 3.9 version. Here are some major enhancements available with the new release:

    Support for Ubuntu
    More flexibility, more options. Besides support for CentOS, IRP Lite 3.0 can be installed on servers running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

    Support for BGP Monitoring Protocol
    With IRP Lite 3.0 the BMP (RFC 7854) monitoring station supplies detailed routing data to the platform’s components for even more accurate intelligent decisions to be made.

    FlowSpec redirect to IP action capability
    Redirect-to-IP flow-spec action provides a simpler method of policy-based forwarding. The details of the action, including the IPv4 or IPv6 target address, are encoded in newly defined BGP extended communities.

    Capability to match outbound traffic by flow_agents
    Each provider configured in IRP can be explicitly set to match Flow statistics to specific Flow agents and help IRP Flow collector assign accurate stats for each provider.

    Option to “treat-as-withdraw” the malformed AS Path
    This is achieved by maintaining the established session and keeping the valid routes but removing the routes carried in the malformed UPDATE message from the system (RFC 7606).

    The full change log with all the new features, improvements and bug fixes is available upon request.

    Interested in trying the Free shiny new version? Send us an IRP Lite 3.0 request or reach out to our support team via support@noction.com