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Noction Flow Analyzer (Open Beta) v 20.05.0 is here!

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    NFA-20-05Time flies, NFA evolves!

    Today we are excited to announce the release of Noction Flow Analyzer v 20.05.0

    The new version is now even more powerful, flexible, and easier to work with. It features support for CentOS 8, refined Device Inventory section logic, Dark Interface Theme, Configuration Settings Management Panel and much more. We’ve also devoted time to a number of bug fixes, including the complete revision and enhancement of the Netflow v9 / IPFIX flow capture and sampling algorithms.

    Support for CentOS 8

    Within the past few months, we’ve received a lot of requests from people asking for an option to install NFA on servers running CentOS 8. These requests were too popular to be placed in the backlog. We made sure that the support for CentOS 8 was included in this major release.

    Refined Device Inventory logic

    Devices can now easily be enabled/disabled from the front-end, without the need to delete them. All devices can be assigned to locations for ease of management. BGP data obtained from a device that is already set to peer with NFA can be shared and used for the other devices as well.Flow Analyzer Devices

    Configuration Settings

    NFA now has a large set of configuration settings available in the front end to fine-tune the system’s behavior. All parameters are preset with the default values and are organized in groups.

    Hello, Darkness!

    The NFA interface color theme can now be changed. Users are free to choose between the Light, Dark, or Auto options. When the Auto option is selected, NFA follows the device’s default theme.

    Is NFA still in Free Open Beta?  Will it really be priced at $299/month?

    Yes, NFA is still in Open Beta. Polishing one of the world’s most versatile and affordable network traffic analysis tools takes time. We want to make sure we nail it.

    As for the cost, there is a popular misconception in the networking industry that all flow analyzers must come with a soaring price tag along with mind-boggling complexity, by adding devices, interfaces or locations as a means to scale the price. To us, this is the wrong approach.

    Noction is committed to making quality NetFlow analysis software available and affordable to all. We’re on a mission to bring NFA to the masses. The envisioned price of $299/month with unlimited devices, interfaces, and sites policy will allow us to do just that.

    Haven’t installed the Noction Flow Analyzer yet?

    Request NFA Free Open Beta License Today!

    Should you have any questions about the NFA installation or the version upgrade process, please email support@noction.com.