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NFA Open Beta News

NFA is a flow-based monitoring and reporting software which collects, stores and presents traffic data across the entire network and protocols to network professionals for future analysis. The product enables engineers to optimize their networks and applications performance, control bandwidth utilization, do proper network capacity planning, perform detailed BGP peering analysis, improve security and minimize network incidents response time.

The system appeals to networks of all sizes, types, and complexity. NFA differentiates and stands out from the other products available on the market today by offering a perfect set of network traffic analysis capabilities, clear licensing terms with no limitations in terms of network devices, interfaces or sites and an envisioned price that any company would be able to afford.

NFA Open Beta Program

NFA Open Beta Program is where network professionals can deploy, test, and provide feedback on our software before the official launch. During the course of the Open Beta, we will release new versions of the product, roll out new features and fix any possible issues. 

Why use NFA:

Blazing Fast Network Traffic Analysis
With NFA’s more than 2 terabytes per second peak processing performance for a single DB query, obtain even the most complex query results is a matter of seconds. 

Flexible reporting capabilities
Analyze data in a multitude of new ways. Customize widgets and dashboards with a vast selection of sophisticated filtering and grouping options.

Prolonged Data retention
Prolonged data retention, with the default level 3 data aggregation kept for 400 days. Query and make network optimization decisions based on a high definition view of your network activity.

Complex Alerting System
Set up a multitude of utilization, duration, and frequency-based alerts. Get timely violation notifications via email or a specific Slack channel.

Comprehensive BGP Monitoring
View real-time BGP path changes and understand reachability as well as performance between your AS and the Autonomous Systems of your clients and/or application providers. Find suitable BGP peering candidates and make informed interconnection decisions. Diagnose policy misconfigurations, route flapping or other peering related issues.  

Easy deployment
Fast and easy deployment process takes less than 15 minutes. NFA works out-of-the-box, automatically detecting devices exporting flows within your network.

Envisioned Pricing and Availability

Noction is completely open about NFA’s future pricing and licensing terms.

Clients will be free to start and stop using the product at any time. Past the 30-day free trial, NFA’s extensive functionality with no limitations in terms of network devices, interfaces or sites, as well as 24/7 support, will be offered at a flat $299/month rate – the industry’s most affordable subscription plan.

Note: All Open Beta participants will be compensated for helping us improve our software with a discounted NFA license once it is officially launched.  

Register with us and request NFA Open Beta Access to get started.


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