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The new NFA v 21.09 is now available to the general public

The new Noction Flow Analyzer v 21.09 is now generally available, offering users a variety of new features and capabilities.

Here are some more details about this month’s release:

New MPLS and pseudowire filtering and grouping options

Support for the following elements have been added:

  • 46 (NFv9 – MPLS_TOP_LABEL_TYPE; IPFIX – mplsTopLabelType)
  • 47 (NFv9 – MPLS_TOP_LABEL_IP_ADDR; IPFIX – mplsTopLabelIPv4Address)
  • 90 (NFv9 – MPLS PAL RD; IPFIX – mplsVpnRouteDistinguisher)
  • 91 (NFv9 – MPLS PREFIX LEN; IPFIX – mplsTopLabelPrefixLength)
  • 140 (IPFIX – mplsTopLabelIPv6Address)
  • 200 (IPFIX – mplsTopLabelTTL)
  • 201 (IPFIX – mplsLabelStackLength)
  • 202 (IPFIX – mplsLabelStackDepth)
  • 203 (IPFIX – mplsTopLabelExp)
  • 237 (IPFIX – postMplsTopLabelExp)
  • 249 (IPFIX – pseudoWireId)
  • 250 (IPFIX – pseudoWireType)
  • 251 (IPFIX – pseudoWireControlWord)


To get more information about each field, check out the IANA information element assignment for IPFIX and the NetFlow Version 9 Flow-Record Format documents.

BGP Community filtering/grouping in Data Explorer and the BGP reports

No matter if you are a service provider, a hosting company, an enterprise, etc., BGP visibility is important. We hope that adding a BGP community filtering and grouping option in this release will help our users gain more visibility into how traffic moves through their internal BGP network, their next-hop ASNs, detect peering infrastructure outages, and more.

Other new features and capabilities include the improved dashboard creating and editing dialog, a grouping by prefix option when setting up alerts, the improved user password length, and complexity constraint, and more.

NFA 21.09 image2

The detailed changelog is available upon request.

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