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Founded in 2001, Psychz Networks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Profuse Solutions, Inc. Based in California, the company provides dedicated servers and Cloud hosting solutions to thousands of clients on six continents on both Windows and Linux platforms. Psychz Networks utilizes only Tier-1 multi-homed bandwidth providers, in order to provide high network efficiency and full redunancy.

Recently, the company made a significant investment in infrastructure upgrades, designed to improve speed, reliability, and overall performance of its hosting environment. Facing the growth of digital content traversing between North America and Asia, the company has added a new connection to ChinaTelecom. To ensure the best connectivity to this market, Psychz deployed Noction Intelligent Routing Platform.    Read More

“We believe technology is a big piece of the customer satisfaction puzzle, so choosing wisely which technologies we invest in is paramount to our success and that of our clients.”

George Becerra, Business Director at Psychz Networks