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Handy Networks LLC offers solutions for hosting companies, service providers and eBusinesses. The company maintains diverse connectivity to the Internet via the 5 different NSPs including: Level(3), Hurricane Electric, TeliaSonea, XO Communications and Cogent.

“I am highly impressed by the Noction Platform. It optimizes our network performance and manages commit levels across the 5 different NSPs. What sets Noction apart is the high level of service, offered by its team.”

Jay Sudowski, CTO at Handy Networks

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Handy Networks deploys Noction IRP to deliver faster, more reliable Internet connectivity

Handy Networks, a Colorado based hosting solutions provider deployed Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform in its downtown Denver datacenter. The company replaced the existing Internap FCP appliance with the Noction’s product to further improve its network reliability, reduce latency, and enhance the end-user experience.  Read More

Press Releases

Handy Networks replaced the existing Internap FCP appliance with Noction IRP

The company recognized the need for intelligent routing optimization in their multi-homed network back in 2008, when it installed Internap’s FCP. Facing rapid growth and new business challenges, Handy Networks came to the decision of replacing the Internap FCP solution with Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform.  Read More