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bgp labeled unicast

BGP Labeled Unicast (BGP-LU)

This blog post discusses BGP Labeled Unicast (BGP-LU) which is used in multi-regional networks to carry the label information. While the RFC3107 “Carrying Label...

as path

Understanding the AS path and AS path prepending

In earlier articles, we discussed the next hop and local preference attributes. Today we'll be looking at the AS_PATH attribute as well as the...

BGP security: the BGPsec protocol

In our last post, we took a look at RPKI. With RPKI, it's possible to reject prefixes that are originated by the wrong AS,...

Filtering your BGP updates

One thing we all learn quickly after getting started with BGP is that if left to its own devices, the protocol will happily propagate...

routing anomalies

Routing anomalies – their origins and how do they affect end users

Nowadays, the Internet is made-up of more than 45,000 active Autonomous Systems (ASes), each with a different complexity level and specific configurations. To accomplish...