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Personal Information Obtaining/Removal Request

For privacy reasons, you may have the right to know what of your personal data has been collected by Noction and ask us for your personal information to be updated or completely removed.

Send an email to info@noction.com with the following subject: “Personal data inquiry” to request the obtaining, changing or removal of your personal data from Noction. In the body of the email you should include the following information: Country of origin, Full Name, Email address.
Specify the type of your request:

  • Send me the details on what personal data about me has been collected and processed
  • Change and update my personal data
  • Erase and no longer store my personal data


Sworn Declaration:

By sending us your request you agree to the following statements:

  • I consent to the processing of the personal information that I am submitting, as outlined above.
  • I represent that the information in my request is accurate and that I am authorized to submit the request.
  • I understand that Noction will not be able to process my request if my request is incomplete (missing required data outlined above).

Noction will use the personal information that you supply including your email address and any personal information you may submit in further correspondence for the purposes of processing your request and meeting our legal obligations.

Please note: To prevent fraudulent removal requests from people impersonating others, trying to harm competitors, or improperly seeking to suppress legal information, we might ask to verify the identity of the person on whose behalf the request is made (the relevant individual). Noction would use this information solely to assess and document the authenticity of your request.