Home News Noction releases IRP 3.4 featuring Inbound Commit Control

Noction releases IRP 3.4 featuring Inbound Commit Control

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    Noction is pleased to announce the release of the Intelligent Routing Platform 3.4. The new product version brings bandwidth usage management capability for inbound traffic. Moreover, the new release supports remote user authentication protocols like LDAP and Active Directory. IRP 3.4 also provides a new category of reporting based on geographical maps.

    Inbound Commit Control

    From now on, beside Commit Control for outbound traffic IRP can apply the same principles for incoming traffic. IRP monitors bandwidth levels of alternative routes and automatically brings your traffic to the shape you need. IRP uses well known and proven BGP mechanisms to adjust the count of AS Path Prepends announced by your edge routers for each of your network prefixes.

    BGP Inbound Commit Control

    LDAP and Active Directory Support

    Enterprises control access and privileges across corporate resources using centralized user management systems. LDAP and Active Directory are widely used to interact with them. LDAP/AD support in IRP 3.4 eliminates administrative overhead by allowing enterprises to take full advantage of centralized user management.

    Noction Inbound Commit Control

    Geographical Reporting

    We added a completely new dimension to IRP`s reporting – a geographical one. The new release brings the first two map-based reports showing geographical distribution of IRP`s route optimizations. This allows administrators to quickly spot problematic regions and monitor platform activity for different geographical destinations.

    Noction RP 3.4

    95th Calculation Modes

    Transit providers use various ways of calculating 95th percentile usage when charging their customers for used bandwidth. IRP 3.4 offers the possibility to configure numerous options, to match what your transit provider uses, in order for IRP to control bandwidth usage more accurately.

    Noction RP 3.4