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Noction releases Intelligent Routing Platform 2.0

Noction is pleased to announce the release of IRP 2.0. The new product’s version is a stable release with major performance, speed and usability enhancements. IRP 2.0 includes the new Routing Policies feature, a fully reworked performance evaluation mechanism and a revamped user interface.

One of the most important upgrades in the new IRP release is the Routing Policies feature. Based on the company’s business objectives, network administrators are able to allow or deny a particular provider to be used for reaching a certain prefix or AS, or set a static route. The Routing Policies feature provides more route control, allowing to better meet internal routing policies.



IRP 2.0 has a fully reworked probing mechanism, responsible for evaluating network performance metrics, such as latency and packet loss. IRP 2.0 is probing the available routing paths up to ten times faster and more efficiently, leading to overall improvement of the system performance.

The BGP monitor of the platform has been enhanced as well. The improved BGP monitoring algorithms return more accurate and reliable information about the state of the BGP sessions with the connected ISPs as well as network reachability through a specific provider.

bgp monitor


The new release has been upgraded with a set of security-related functions. These are aimed to secure the administrator’s credentials by allowing regular password updates and password resets at any time. Additionally, the security upgrade leads to better protection of the data submitted via the system’s frontend.


IRP 2.0 comes with a number of design and navigation improvements. The dashboards, reports, and graphs generated by the system have considerably gained in readability and speed of perception. The new interface also adds improvements to the system’s configuration forms and controls.


“It is imperative for us to continuously improve the platform by carefully listening to our customers’ requests,” said Noction’s President Grigore Raileanu. “With IRP 2.0 we’re keeping up with the industry’s performance demands by offering new features and enhancements of the existing ones.”

You can view the new frontend look in the screenshots below.


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