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Noction adds full Netflow support to Intelligent Routing Platform

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    Noction IRP is designed to improve network performance, reduce the costs, and provide advanced business analytics. The platform operates at the network edge and does non-intrusive traffic flow analysis.  The network routes are probed for a set of specific performance and cost metrics through all the available providers. IRP then applies the policies, defined by the enterprise, as per business objectives and service demands.

    We announce Release 1.2 of our Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP), designed to improve network performance metrics,  and decrease the cost of running a multi-homed BGP network.

    Due to increased demand in the Netflow/Sflow support, Noction has fully implemented support for all major Netflow protocol variations. Netflow can completely replace the need of network traffic mirroring to a single location and decrease the TCO for Noction IRP.

    Grigore Raileanu, Noction President, said: “Lots of networks cannot provide a full copy of their traffic due to the complexity of their topology and this is a huge inconvenience. We developed IRP Netflow traffic collector in order to overcome this.”

    IRP 1.2 main features include:

    •     Complete support for Netflow/Sflow, in both performance and cost improvements mode
    •     Complete support for partial peering and public exchanges
    •     More Intelligence in the Cost Improvements algorithms;

    As a result, IRP enhances network performance by an average of 30-50 %, reduces latency by approximately 30% , and decreases the bandwidth cost by 20-50% per month.