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Noction released an updated version of Intelligent Routing Platform

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform is designed to improve the performance and reduce the costs of running a multi-homed BGP network. The platform operates at the network edge  and does non-intrusive traffic analysis in order to detect network congestions and blackouts. The affected network routes are probed for a set of specific metrics through all the available uplinks in order to reroute  traffic to the best performing path.

Today Noction announces the Release 1.1 of its Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP), designed to address network congestion and blackouts,  and decrease bandwidth bills. IRP can significantly reduce the cost of running a multi-homed BGP network  by distributing outbound traffic flows over less expensive ISP links, while maintaining predictable content delivery performance and redeploying engineering resources to focus on feature enhancement, rather than manual policies adjustment and network troubleshooting.

Grigore Raileanu, founder and chairman of Noction, said: “IRP provides a competitive marketing edge for content providers willing to differentiate from their competitors. The product allows content delivery at a lower cost, avoiding middle – mile congestion and blackouts.”
IRP 1.1 main features include:

  • Intelligent outbound bgp routing optimization for performance and cost
  • Network congestion and blackouts detection and automatic problem rerouting
  • Comprehensive network performance and cost metrics reports

As a result, IRP enhances network performance by an average of 40 % (in a two providers setup), reduces latency by approximately 30% , and decreases the bandwidth cost by 20-50% per month.


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