Home News Noction launched its first release of the Intelligent Routing Platform

Noction launched its first release of the Intelligent Routing Platform

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    Nowadays internet carriers do not guarantee performance beyond its networks, thus  multi-homing (connecting to multiple ISPs) is indispensable.  Noction designed IRP (the Intelligent Routing Platform) to address these issues. The first problem is that the BGP protocol uses the shortest route (when counting ASN) as the main path selection criteria and doesn’t take care of the selected routes actual performance, network congestions or blackouts. The second problem is that the shortest route is usually the most expensive.

    Our platform offers real technical and financial advantages. It operates at the network edge and does non-intrusive, passive traffic analyses to detect traffic anomalies. The affected remote routes as well as the rest of them are actively probed for a set of specific metrics (packet loss, latency, jitter, bandwidth cost and volumes) through all the uplinks in order to detect the best available path. The IRP redirects traffic to the path performing better by issuing appropriate BGP updates to the edge routers.

    IRP is an effective traffic engineering and routing optimization solution. Additionally, it improves the operational costs by keeping the traffic on the low cost uplinks while performance allows that. Furthermore, the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) redeploys technical resources to focus on enhancements rather than manual BGP problem resolution.   Finally, this is an excellent competitive marketing edge for content providers.