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Noction releases NFA v 21.04, featuring improved BGP reporting, extensive API, L2 MAC addresses visibility and more.

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    Noction Flow Analyzer v 21.04 has just been released, offering users the:

    Improved and Refined BGP Reporting

    The BGP Route advertisements and withdrawals under the BGP Report in NFA can now be visualized both in a graph and table mode. There is a multitude of filtering and grouping variations available, as well as the option to create and add custom widgets to dashboards. All of this allows NFA users to gain a better understanding with regards to BGP activity and its specifics.

    Refined BGP Reporting

    Extensive API

    Noction Flow Analyzer API provides a wide range of capabilities for users to access NFA data. It lets network professionals read all the resources including dashboards, widgets, devices, alerts, filters, reports, users, and more. Some of these resources are currently read-only and some can also be created/edited/deleted via the API. The API documentation is available via the NFA’s frontend under the Management > API Documentation section.

    Extensive API

    L2 MAC Addresses visibility

    Unlike IP addresses, which are very often dynamically allocated, MAC addresses are the identifiers that can be used to reliably identify hosts in a network. Depending on the hardware, the L2 MAC addresses can now be obtained in NFA from devices exporting sFlow, NetFlow v9 and IPFIX. Users can filter down and group flow data by source and/or destination L2 MAC addresses in any of their Dashboards, Data Explorer, or Alerts.

    Other product improvements and refinements in this NFA version include:

    • The ability to specify and use the BGP local address in Devices from the Frontend;
    • The improved dashboards appearance, functions, and logic;
    • The new description field for the saved filter sets;
    • The improved BGP Sankey Diagram algorithm.

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