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Noction releases the new feature-rich NFA 22.02 version

    Noction Flow Analyzer v 22.02 has just been released, bringing to the table:

    Dependency wheel chart option in Data Explorer

    A dependency wheel chart is a type of flow diagram where nodes are laid out in a circle, and links are drawn between them. Diagram nodes are laid out on the same level, and the flow is multidirectional. The width of the link and the node size are proportional to the flow quantity or weight of each link. Note, there is a need to specify at least a single source/destination “group by” condition for the dependency wheel option to become available.

    Noction Flow Analyzer 22.02

    AS names visibility in the BGP Sankey diagram

    Autonomous System Names are now available in NFA’s BGP Sankey diagram when hovering over a particular diagram node or link. Note the AS names details are sourced from the internal DB.

    AS names visibility

    Support for packets and flows units in alerts

    Alerts in NFA can now be configured with a trigger condition that includes packets and flows values. These can be indicated as a fixed number or an increase/decrease percentage for data.

    NFA 22.02

    Other notable features and improvements:

    • Added ability to use Exporter IP addresses provided by means of NFv9 and IPFIX
    • Improved naming logic of cloned and copied items in NFA’s frontend
    • Additional operators for Localpref, Aggregator AS and MED filters in Data Explorer
    • Removed Exporter ID parameter from device identification
    • Added filtering and grouping options description to dashboard widgets
    • Added ability to edit inserted values for specific fields and more.

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