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Noction releases IRP Lite 3.2

IRP Lite 3.2IRP Lite 3.2 – the new FREE edition of the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform has just been released.

It contains a long list of features and improvements first introduced in regular IRP 3.10.2 – 3.10.8 versions.

Here’s what’s new:

Support for the Global Management Interface

Network professionals can now manage multiple IRP Lite instances and access various data and statistics for those instances from one easy to access application – the Global Management Interface.

Increase of the Routing Policies limit

The maximum allowed number of traffic prioritization and routing policies has been increased. Users can now set 6 policies, three of which are specifically provided for Flowspec.

BGP Prefix Split feature removed from IRP Lite

The default “SPLIT updates” mechanism previously used to ensure that the BGP updates received from the IRP Lite become best in the router’s RIB has been disabled. The BGP attribute – Local Preference now needs to be agreed upon instead. The value should overwrite the current local preference in the IRP Lite user’s network.

Other Features and Improvements

BMP data can now be used in IRP Lite to reconstruct attributes of an outbound improvement. Local improvements can be marked with the RD-specific BGP community. The Provider performance history chart, the Probes Today Report, and the Geodata have been improved and updated.

The changelog with a complete list of features and improvements is available upon request.

To learn more about IRP Lite 2.0, please contact Noction account representatives at or review the documentation.


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