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Intelligent Routing for the Cloud

IRP for cloud delivers best in class cloud routing optimization, offering an additional level of network redundancy and accelerating the performance of cloud based applications, to improve productivity and reduce data transfer costs. The service is specifically designed to address common cloud providers routing deficiencies related to conventional BGP routing.

78%lower packet loss for problematic destinations
52%lower latency for problematic destinations
23%average reduction of Data Transfer costs

Find out what’s going on

See the comprehensive IRP for Cloud service statistics, showing the amount and the degree of improvements performed related to loss and latency elimination or congestion and outages avoidance in regards to your traffic.

The data is in the details

View a list of the currently active improvements per your cloud network. See the actual improved prefix and the providers from and to which the traffic was redirected, the exact reason, which the improvement was based upon, as well as the performance values before and after the traffic was rerouted.

Leveraging the power of Noction Intelligent Routing Platform

IRP for Cloud leverages Noction’s proven Intelligent Routing Platform technology, which measures critical network performance metrics such as latency, packet loss or historical reliability for various paths, analyses the collected information and automatically reroutes traffic through the best performing provider.

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