Traffic Routing Optimization

Traffic Routing Optimization


Optimize based on performance

Noction IRP provides the ability to measure critical network performance metrics such as latency and packet loss in order to automatically reroute the traffic through the best performing Transit Provider or Peer. IRP allows you to specify the performance improvement required before a route update is made. In a performance-optimization mode, routing decisions are based solely on performance. Noction IRP immediately moves traffic off the current ISP link when the performance of an alternate ISP link exceeds the specified performance improvement level.


Optimize based on cost

IRP adds the ability to generate massive cost savings by intelligently leveraging inexpensive transit providers whenever possible, and more expensive providers only as necessary, to meet the application performance requirements. This drives down the overall blended bandwidth rate. In a cost-optimization mode, ISP links are prioritized unequally according to their relative cost to each other. IRP determines the cost/performance winner in real-time and moves traffic to an alternate ISP link only when an alternate ISP link has a better cost/performance blend.