Leverage Network Bandwidth Cost

Leverage Network Bandwidth Cost

Keep consumption under predefined commits

As actual IP transit providers rarely price bandwidth at a simple flat rate, a common pricing model is to offer tiered levels of bandwidth with a minimum commitment and a higher burstable amount. Thus, companies pay the same amount regardless of usage up to a certain point, beyond which they would incure higher bandwidth prices at peak times. Burstable pricing means that transit costs are related to how much bandwidth a customer is actually using relative to its contract with the provider. Noction IRP addresses this by incorporating billing structures into its policy models, in order to adjust and keep predefined bandwidth commit rate levels for each provider link.


Group ISPs for load balancing

Load Balancing within Commit Control allows for the distribution of network load evenly across diverse Internet service providers, reducing your 95th-percentile usage, thereby the operational costs paid on a per megabit basis and expanding the amount of “cushion” to handle unpredictable traffic spikes more effectively. By collectively managing separate Internet links, enterprises can proactively optimize and control routing based on business requirements, resulting in smarter, cheaper bandwidth.