Bypass Congestion and Outages

Bypass Congestion and Outages

Conquer the ever changing Internet

Internet performance is highly variable, changing from one second to the next. Congestion and delay occur in all parts of the Internet, from the first to last mile. To gain a complete understanding of Internet performance, IRP measures an organization’s end-to-end application performance to its own end users over the Internet and do not rely on a generic “weather map” of the Internet core.


Rely on precise measurements

For any given destination, whether it be a Web customer, VPN site, VoIP target, or otherwise, there exists unique end-to-end IP traffic performance characteristics delivered by each available link. This performance must be measured, characterized, and matched with the desired profile of performance for the applications to that destination. The data gained through measurement must be accurate, reliable, and timely. IRP performs measurements in real-time, so that routing decisions can be made immediately as conditions on the Internet change.