BGP Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

BGP Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Monitor platform performance

IRP provides a set of comprehensive reports and graphs, reflecting the current state of the network as well as overall statistics on the system performance. IRP offers real-time and historical data on optimized destination prefixes, problematic ASes, improved traffic volumes, etc. Based on IRP analytics, organizations can generate a detailed audit trail of ISP performance and the route control process. The reports resulted from real-time BGP monitoring can be used to objectively measure ISP performance, and over time, help it determine the right mix of ISP vendors.



Compare providers’ performance

Monitor performance of external networks, giving you leverage in negotiations with Internet service providers. IRP’s BGP monitoring capabilities provide in-depth analytics on how providers perform in terms of latency, packet loss and cost which enables organizations to easily spot problematic ASes and adjust routing policies accordingly.

Troubleshoot middle-mile issues

IRP’s troubleshooting tools provide instant visibility into the middle mile-segment of the Internet. With on-demand manual probings and visually-explicit traceroutes you can easily detect inter-domain routing anomalies and react accordingly.