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As the first TCP anycast-based CDN, CacheFly pioneered the ability to deliver rich-media content faster and more reliably than single-hosting delivery.
Today they deliver content for over 2000 clients, based in over 80 countries around the globe, ranging from Fortune 100 companies down to single person operations

“Deploying Noction IRP to our POPs around the world allows us to react automatically to performance problems in middle-mile networks and continue to deliver on our promise of being the fastest content delivery network in the world.”

Matt Levine, CTO and Founder of CacheFly

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CacheFly deploys Noction’s  Intelligent Routing Platform  for real-time network optimization


CacheFly, a Chicago based Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider deployed Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) with the aim of increasing network performance and minimizing the delay of content delivery. Read More

Press Releases

CacheFly, a Chicago-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider, has announced it’s deployment of Noction IRP

CacheFly’s decision to deploy Noction IRP follows their rapid expansion of globally distributed Points of Presence (POPs), doubling to more than 30 in the past year. The Noction IRP deployment within CacheFly’s global network will provide advanced network monitoring and troubleshooting in regards to route optimization.  Read More