Noction conducted a ROI study for its Intelligent Routing Platform


Noction has conducted in-depth interviews with a sample of 3 existing customers to estimate the potential economic effect of Noction IRP deployment for Service Providers. The study shows the return on investment from deploying the product during a 3 year period by portraying an aggregate company that is achieving value from Noction IRP.  The purpose of the study was to create a business case for any potential Noction IRP deployment .

The detailed feedback from the interviewed customers clearly demonstrated that after Noction IRP deployment these Service Providers have achieved the following benefits:

Based on the information collected during the study, Noction calculated a three-year ROI of 609%, with a payback period of 2 months. The financial analysis provided in the study illustrates the potential way an organization can evaluate the value proposition of Noction IRP.

To read the study, please follow the link.

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