Intelligent Routing Platform 2.2
Multiple Routing Domains
Some networks have multiple interconnected locations through inter-datacenter links or multiple transit providers. IRP adds the concept of Routing Domains to separate the locations. A Routing Domain's main characteristic is that its routing tables are based on data received from its locally connected transit providers and peers, and the preferred routes are based on locally defined preferences.
Internet Exchanges Support
Peering at Internet Exchange Points is a cost-efficient alternative to IP Transit and usually networks employ a mix of both approaches. So far, Noction Intelligent Routing Platform has been successfully used in networks all around the world to optimize routing across multiple transit providers. Starting with version 2.1, IRP is able to optimize routing across Internet Exchanges and peers offering a partial routing table.

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Version 2.2, last update: Nov 14, 2013
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Version 1.1, released on: Aug 15, 2012
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Version 2.2, last update: Feb 10, 2014

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